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Read about the best online blackjack casinos in the table below, selected for their proven security, attractive promotions for new and regular players and their fair audited games.

Top 3 Blackjack online casinos

# Online casino Bonus Blackjack games Casino promotions Play USA
1. $10,000
2. $10,000
3. $1,000


In order for you to have an added advantage over the house, you could try card counting while playing blackjack. But before all if you play online, you need to choose one of the best online blackjack casinos, so that you have all chances on your side, with fair games and good promotions that help you grow your bankroll.

Card Counting is a strategy known to give the player an added advantage as well as a good return on his/her bankroll. Many gamblers tend to think that there is absolutely no-way you can beat the house and others say that the game is based on luck.

Unlike other casino games, blackjack is a game that requires math as well as calculus. Some live casinos have banned players who make use of card counting strategies while some online casinos give a shot limited time for a player to place his/her bets & bet options so that the card counting technique is not effective.

However, with card counting, a player needs to make his calculations as well as making his betting decisions very quick and this can easily be adopted when using a blackjack trainer or playing the game more often. The advantage of card counting is that a player is able to determine when the deck is high card rich or low card rich.

For instance, when a deck is high card rich, the dealer is more likely to bust and you can use this as an added advantage and increase your bet units. Thus, if the dealer is more likely to bust, this indicates that there are greater chances a player will get blackjacks or a high hand value as well as a good return on investment.

On the other hand, a deck that is low card rich gives an added advantage to the dealer at which time the player has to reduce his/her stake size as the dealer will not bust so easily. However, with card counting, a player also needs to apply other strategies such as understanding the odds as well as analysis of the dealer's face-up card against his/her hand value in order to win effectively.

There are various card counting systems available and these vary from the basic systems like the Hi Lo system up to the advanced/complex card counting systems like the Hi Opt count system. All you need is frequent practice and game play to adopt any one of the systems.

To understand the card counting systems available, it is advisable for you to start with the basics such as understanding the point values of the cards, the running count, and true count. After all, when having mastered any one of the best card counting systems available, you will soon find out that winning at blackjack can be easy.

It only requires simple mathematical calculations for you to have a winning edge. By using strategies such as card counting, blackjack becomes a game of skill rather than luck. Get practice at the best online blackjack casinos before you try this methods at a live casino.



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Good Luck at the blackjack tables.