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Black jack card counting definitions

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In order to understand various blackjack counting systems, firstly you need to understand the basic definitions used in the systems. Some card count systems may seem complex but it only takes practice and frequent game play.

The various card-counting definitions used in most systems include true count (TC), Running count (RC), card value, plays efficiency, insurance correlation and many others.

Running and true count

The common definitions used in most systems are the Running Count (RC) and True Count (TC). When making use of any card counting system, the count should start-off at 0 as soon as the deck is shuffled. High cards reduce the count while low cards increase the count. Therefore, lows cards carry a positive value (+) while high cards carry a (-) value.

Thus all blackjack card counting systems, you need to take note of the point values of high cards and low cards as well as natural cards, and remember them instantaneously. With natural cards, the point value is neutral and has no effect.

Card counting means adding the point value associated with each card. This is called the Running count. The main count and the one that matters to make decision is the True Count, that is determined by dividing the Running Count by the number of decks remaining in the shoe.

Other definitions

Another definition used in card counting systems is the Betting Correlation (BC) that looks at the effects of each card removed and point values. The Betting Correlation determines how good the system is able to predict the betting situation. The Betting Correlation (BC) is effective for variations that make use of more than 6 decks.

The Playing Efficiency (PE) is another card counting definition that looks at the betting situation and is effective for a blackjack variation that makes use of one or two decks. However, the PE is not suitable for all blackjack variations but it helps you to get a clearer picture on the effectives of card counting in blackjack. The only setback is that it is only suitable for a variation with single or two decks.

Other advanced card counting systems make use of side count to improve the efficiency of the strategy. The blackjack card counting systems range from level 1 up to level 4. The higher the level (example the Zen count system and the Revere point count system), the higher the efficiency of the system.

Insurance Correlation (IC) takes a look at the card point values in the insurance situation. This is effective when playing a variation that allows a player to surrender or take insurance in the event that you can determine if the dealer holds a blackjack.

Remember these definitions and read more strategy articles to improve your chances to win at black jack.



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