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Advanced Blackjack strategy for advanced players

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Playing an blackjack online game is a great way for serious players to hone their game playing skills.

Popular gaming websites like Go Casino, Titan Casino and Rushmore Casino allow players to try their hands at different kinds of blackjack games such as free online games and real money based blackjack games. Some gaming sites even allow players to interact and get tips and advice from seasoned blackjack professionals.

However, it must be noted that playing Blackjack is necessarily different in the online space because of the intervention of technology and software. Advanced blackjack players can make use of the blackjack strategies highlighted under in order to maximize their chances of winning at a blackjack game and also to supplement their existing repertoire of skills at the game.

Blackjack Betting Systems

Players need to choose the ideal betting and playing system in order to build the most effective blackjack strategy that is also completely in-sync with their individual playing style.

A betting system like the Paroli Betting component defines how a player places bets and the playing system determines how he makes decisions at the blackjack table. There are dozens of blackjack betting systems out there and players will have to try out what they feel will best suit their playing style. Some of the betting systems to choose from include the 1-3-2-6 betting system, Martingale system, the Kelly Criterion, the Parlay betting system, the Tournament betting theory, the Cancellation betting system, the Oscar Betting system and the Labouchere option.

Each of these systems has an in-built mathematical accuracy to it and has its own pros and cons. Players should also look into commercial betting systems like Trioplay and other kinds of progressive betting systems before deciding on any one.

Blackjack Card Counting Systems

A card counting system is a favorite playing system among advanced blackjack players. It requires years of practice to perfect and is an art in itself. Other playing systems which are often used by land based poker players like the Labouchere system, the Parlay system and Shuffle Tracking often cannot be used by online players. Card shuffling in online games are performed using deck drawing software which is governed by random card generators and is hence, difficult to predict and considered fair blackjack. Even if you learn a system, you will have to practice to get it right and be successful.

Using Software to Help Play Online Casino Games

There are several websites that offer software that simulates an actual blackjack game in order to teach players effective blackjack strategies. Other tools available online include basic blackjack odds calculators, chart generators, blackjack play advisors, house edge calculators, interactive blackjack training games and visual teaching models which enable players to perfect their techniques at the blackjack table.

Playing Multiple Tables

Many blackjack players would agree that playing at multiple tables at a time helps in negating the 1% house edge to a reasonable extent and improves the odds of winning. This strategy is effective only for players who can keep their head about playing multiple tables and have the skill to manage between tables. Players need to make sure they have the level of expertise to keep track of cards at all the tables in order to ensure victory. It is advisable to start with small stakes games and gradually increase the number of tables that you are playing at.


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Good Luck at the blackjack tables.