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Is Don Johnson a card counter or a lucky player?

Don Johnson is one of the most profitable blackjack players of all times.

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Don Johnson, hailing from Bensalam, Pennsylvania, has recently made headlines winning considerable sums of money playing blackjack from several casinos in Atlantic City.

This has caused Johnson from getting banned at some of the casinos he's "cleaned". Johnson began gambling at casinos when he was 35 years old, betting $25 at blackjack. When he discovered that he had a gift for the game, he slowly started moving towards higher stakes.

Don the great blackjack player

Today, 49 year old Johnson says he has paid a couple of millions in taxes. His increase in income though, is not from his regular job as Chief Executive Officer at Heritage Development LLC, but rather from winning $15 million from three casinos in Atlantic City playing at high stakes blackjack tables in the course of six months.

Don really knows how to win at blackjack.

Johnson's streak started in December 2010 when he claimed $4.23 million from Caesars Casino. In the span of five months, he won around $5 million from The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. His major accomplishment to date however, was in April, taking $5.8 million from the Tropicana Casino, which he reportedly amassed only within twelve hours.

Johnson's achievements have prompted spectators to wonder how someone who doesn't claim to be a professional gambler achieve all these. Johnson, however, has remained tight lipped about his achievements. From his interviews, not once did he reveal his strategy, merely staying adamant that he did not employ any means to cheat the system.

Apparently, his winnings were all acquired in the normal course of the game. Some believe that the major factor that led Johnson to win a staggering amount is the fact that he was able to finance a long stay at the high stakes tables.

The casinos, little did they know that Johnson would eventually clean them out, increased his betting limit to $100,00 and gave 20% of his losses back in order to keep him at at the tables and eventually lose to the house edge. Unfortunately for the casinos, such was not the case. In fact, by doing so, the casino effectively relinquished what little house edge they had over a player who made the right choices.

In blackjack, it actually serves the casino more to have higher betting limits because when players lose big, they would eventually stop playing in order to at least shore up their losses.

But with discounts on losses, players will keep on playing. Johnson, despite reportedly losing a hefty amount over the course of his blackjack career, continued playing netting him a cool $15 million in winnings. The CEO of the casino who authorized the increase per hand to $100,000 was later fired.

Today, Don Johnson has been banned from almost all of the casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The small number of casinos that agrees to let him play has put betting limitations on games. Discounts are likewise no longer offered to him. For $15 million however, it is perhaps a trade off nobody would second think.



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