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How to Lose Playing Blackjack

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Thousands of Websites exist dedicated to teaching players how to win big at blackjack. Some promise "can't-lose" strategies that are little more than recycled Martingale systems or antiquated (and disproven) mathematical wager-altering techniques. Some are even pretty decent, offering sound advice that could help you win at the game some people call 21.

Rather than add to the crowds offering positive theories on 21 and how to win at it, we're going to teach you the 10 best ways to lose. The theory goes that by learning what NOT to do, maybe you'll pick up on a few good gaming strategies.

1. DON'T Use Casino Strategy Cards

Casinos sell strategy cards in the gift shop, and even if you're such a cheapskate that you can't shell out a few bucks for a card, countless online blackjack tip sheets exist that spell out the play that gives you the best statistical chance of winning based on the dealer's cards and your own point total. If you want to lose, and lose often, go ahead and ignore this advice.

2. DO Get Drunk Before or During the Game

Why do you think casinos encourage drinking? We're not saying alcohol is bad-but too much of anything is a bad thing, and too much alcohol can cloud your judgment, encourage you to make stupid bets, and lead to all sorts of activity that will get you escorted out by casino security. If you want to go broke, go ahead and get drunk while you play.

3. DON'T Tip Your Dealer

Your game's dealer is your best friend, at least for the time while he's handing out cards. Tipping your dealer is not just a courteous thing to do; it's the right thing to do. Many casino employees depend on their tip income to keep the kids fed and the lights on. Befriending your dealer means tipping appropriately or offering to place a bet for him.

4. DO Use Bet-Varying Tactics to Beat the System

Many names exist for these tactics that promise that by raising your bets after a loss or lowering them after a win make it so that you can't possible lose. None of them really work. Each round of the game is independent of the one before, rendering wager-varying tricks totally useless. Feel like handing the casino your money? Go ahead and try out one of these dumb systems.

5. DON'T Pay Attention to Table Rules and Wagering Options

It takes a real idiot to ignore the rules printed on the betting surface and the wagering options available. While some casinos offer the same rules at all tables, many offer different games for different types of players. The best way I know to lose when playing 21 is to be ignorant of the rules of the table you're sitting at.

6. DO Ignore Your Tablemates

The other players at your table don't really affect the outcome of your hand-after all, this casino title means betting against the house, not against tablemates. But by ignoring or being rude to your tablemates, you're likely to annoy the dealer, who depends on tips from table players to pay their bills. Making the dealer mad is always a good way to lose, so smart players will strike up casual conversations or even befriend their table partners.

7. DON'T Read Gaming Strategy Advice Online

So we've already established that gaming strategy on the Internet ranges from the downright bad to the sublime. If you choose to ignore all strategy tips just because some of the advice sites are full of hogwash, you're missing out on the good advice that exists, for free, from the privacy and comfort of your home. Happy to lose all your money? Go ahead and ignore free strategy tips on the Web.

8. DO Get Distracted from Your Game

Yes, casinos are staffed with beautiful people, bedazzled with pretty flashing lights, and stuffed with all sorts of distractions. But smart players know how to shut this noise off, at least enough to keep your head in the game you're playing. Cocktail waitresses aren't hired for their brains; they exist to dull your senses with booze and distract you with their revealing clothing. A quality casino gambler knows how to avoid these distractions and keep their head in the game.

9. DON'T Practice on Free Games Online

Free-play blackjack, in the form of simplistic Flash- and Java-programmed trainers or as part of a casino's instant-play game lineup, is the best way we know to teach yourself the game. Idiots, who don't mind losing their bankroll in a single night, do their best to avoid this kind of training. The games available are free, able to teach you rule variants and other options, and can prove to you that existing casino strategy cards really are helpful. Ignore these free games if you like making the casino richer.

10. DO Always Buy Insurance Against a Dealer Blackjack

Casino dealers can spot a bad gambler in many ways; the main way for blackjack dealers to pick the idiots out of the table are the guys who buy insurance every time it is offered. Buying insurance is the same as placing a side wager that the dealer has a 10 or face card as his hole card, not a very likely outcome in most cases. Casinos call this totally unnecessary side wager "insurance" to make players think they need it. Smart blackjack players never buy insurance, unless they are skilled card-counters and know when the deck is stacked with ten-value cards. Losers who like having thin wallets will always buy insurance.

Now that you know how to lose the game of blackjack, maybe you've figured out a few ways to win. Pay attention to the above advice if you want to burn through your bankroll. Remember that gambling is meant as entertainment; as long as you're smiling, you're in the black. It isn't always about winning, sometimes it's just fun.

Now it is time to visit an online casinos for playing blackjack and winning.

Good Luck at the blackjack tables.