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Is online blackjack rigged or fair?

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Is online blackjack rigged?

This is probably the most common question players ask when considering playing an blackjack online game.

The trouble with playing online is that you do not actually see the deck of cards in front of you. All you get is an automatic card or result that the computer gives you. It is quite normal to be suspicious given this framework.

In fact, it is even healthy to be a little wary and guarded especially when trying out a new online casino for the first time to play online blackjack.

The most important decision to make is in choosing the right online casino.

Licensed casinos are required by their regulating body to go through a series of control and to maintain and test the fairness of their software's performance. In particular they get audited on a regular basis and their random number generator is tested by specialized companies.

The specifics would of course be dependent on the country and the set of laws they follow and the regulating body they are licensed in, but generally most online casinos are regularly checked and verified to make sure that there is no manipulation going on with their software.

It is also common for these tests to be done randomly especially when made by a separate third party group. For online blackjack, it is the Random Number Generator or RNG that goes through the process of being tested and then recertified from time to time.

It is also important to note that reputation is basically the all-important factor for the continued operation of an online casino. An established Internet casino would not want to risk its reputation by rigging their own games. On the contrary, online casinos want steady profits and a steady progress in volume of operations which can only be achieved by having and maintaining a good reputation online.

In the online casino business, legitimacy and reliability go hand in hand. These are the two most important features to build trust. This is also the surest way to build a collection of steady and long-term customers.

However, even with all the strict regulations put on casinos, there are still some people who are convinced that they online blackjack is rigged. Specially when they do not win at blackjack. It could be possible if you are playing in a disreputable casino. Or it is also likely that you do not understand the basics of the RNG of blackjack.

Legitimate casinos would definitely steer clear from any form of cheating as this would result in the long term in lesser revenues for the online casino being classified as rogue by the online community. On the other hand, to provide a safe and secure place to gamble will surely gain them more customers and therefore more profit, as compared to rigging the results of their blackjack games.


Now it is time for you to visit one of the best online casinos for blackjack.

Good Luck at the blackjack tables.