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The joys of playing online tournaments are no longer reserved for poker players alone, owing to the concept of multiplayer online blackjack tournaments, which has been recently introduced by the online blackjack industry.

Since there are online blackjack tournaments, blackjack players need not play against the dealer alone, but can now go against other players at the table while simultaneously enjoying the social aspects of the game. There are several online casinos such as William Hill Casino, Redbet Casino, USA Live Casino and others that have introduced live blackjack with real dealers; this allows blackjack players to enjoy the real-life, land-based casino experience within the cozy comforts of home.

Online blackjack tournament events are run at a wide range of online casinos such as EU Casino, Mega Casino, Casino King, Spin Palace Casino, Prime Casino, Casino Las Vegas, Swiss Casino, Rushmore Casino, Bodog Casino, Go Casino, Cherry Red Casino and many more. Players can easily win and make money at these blackjack events by combining their standard blackjack skills with multiplayer blackjack tournament strategies, which can be found free at several online sources.

Risk management, bankroll management and bet sizing are of great importance while playing online blackjack tournaments. When players bet small, they will also reduce their risk of losing; besides, betting small will minimize the risk of running short of chips, especially because players cannot grab a second chance by purchasing more chips. However, the strategy of betting small does not always work, especially if everybody at the blackjack table makes bite-sized bets. In such cases, boldly making a large initial bet serves the purpose of enhancing a player's chance of winning at blackjack tournaments.

The best online blackjack tournament strategy to follow is to base one's decisions, moves and bet size according to the activity at the table. An average table comprises a mixture of conservative players who prefer to remain cautious about their bets as well as aggressive players who make heavy bets. Since the online blackjack tournament players' aim is to stay ahead of their opponents, they need to observe opponent behavior and the size of their chip stacks carefully to ascertain if they can keep up with their opponents or beat them. One of the biggest advantages of making small bets during the initial rounds of the tournament is to that it puts players in the lead position as far as chip stacks are concerned and saves them from going broke.

The best blackjack players in the industry have learned the hard way, which simply means that the best strategy for winning is the strategy developed by individual players in the course of hours of play. It also helps to read strategy books written by blackjack experts. Two excellent examples are "Casino Tournament Strategy" by Stanford Wong and "Play Blackjack Like the Pros" by Kevin Blackwood. One of Blackwood's top strategies is to bet big if the opponents bet small and vice versa to stay ahead. This works because, in case of blackjack, the player with the biggest chip stack wins, not the player with the best hands.


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