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The Many Ways to Learn Blackjack Basics

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Blackjack has become the most popular table game in the U.S. because it's entertaining, the basic rules are easy to learn and beginners have a realistic chance of experiencing the joy of winning - even if it's only their first time playing. As such, aspiring blackjack players emerge across America daily, each using different methodologies to learn the game. While some might prefer having an existing blackjack enthusiast teach them the basics in person, this article will offer a few resources that beginners can use to learn the game on their own.

Instructional Websites

Because the general rules of blackjack are so simple, there are numerous websites that offer written instructions for basic gameplay. These kinds of sites might be preferable to those who would rather learn by reading a summary of information. The Beginners' Guide to Blackjack is one such site that stands out because of its comprehensiveness; in other words, The Beginners' Guide assumes that you've never seen a deck of cards in your life.

The instructions begin by explaining the differences among the suits, ranks and face cards in addition to their significance. Then, the guide delves into the specific aspects of blackjack itself, including how the scoring works, what the odds are and the meanings of "house edge" and "insurance". The Beginners' Guide then familiarizes the reader with basic blackjack lingo including "hitting", "standing", "doubling down", "splitting" and "surrendering". Lastly, the guide concludes with the author's own spiel about why blackjack is the best of all the casino games. If you're interested in comparing The Beginners' Guide with another instructional blackjack site, feel free to also visit

Blackjack Training Videos

For the blackjack novice who would rather watch a video than reading words on a computer screen, there are countless selections on the internet, each with a different style, target audience and motive. Fortunately, a plethora of these videos can be found on YouTube free of cost. For example, Learn How to Play Blackjack - a five-minute video by Max Stern - is a basic instructional video with a voiceover resembling something like a PowerPoint presentation. The video also doesn't feature any dealers, players or actors; it's no-frills, streamlined and straight to the point. Perhaps it is this simplicity that has garnered it over 1 million views.

In stark contrast to the foregoing is How to Play Blackjack by (which boasts over 500,000 views). This is an 18-minute course narrated by a former blackjack dealer who apparently spent a number of years working the Sin City tables. Unlike the Max Stern video, this one includes live action with real people and goes into much greater depth.

Blackjack Books

For blackjack newbies who want to learn the game in a more traditional way, there are many instructional books available for beginners. One of the advantages of picking up a well-respected blackjack guide is that it will typically start you with the basics and then (should you become a blackjack fanatic) systematically guide you through the more complex strategies including card counting. As opposed to websites and videos, books also have the advantage of offering thorough examinations of blackjack's history, scientific theory and logical and mathematical underpinnings.

"Basic Blackjack" by Stanford Wong is one of the most well-known blackjack manuals. Not only does it teach you how to get started, but it also gives you strategies on how to win as a beginner, even without counting cards. For example, Wong gives you instructions on how to notice a dealer's "tell", which is an unconscious physical cue that projects what their hole card might be.

Another book worthy of special mention is Maverick Sharp's "Dynamic Blackjack: The Professional Approach". It's a 600-page all-encompassing, magnum opus that you might want to tuck away in a safe place in case you ever want to become a blackjack mega expert.

Learn Some Strategy

Once you've learned the basic rules of the game - and before playing your first hand for real money - you should then learn some blackjack tips about strategy. and are two free online training guides that allow you to practice the game while a virtual coach gives you advice on your gameplay and potential strategies. It's a fun way to put your rudimentary skills to the test before ever wagering a dime.

When you're finally ready, you might not even need to find a live casino - or even leave the comfort of your own home - to put your newly-acquired skills to the test. You can consider the possibility of gaming online, which is now legal in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada and has been recently ratified in Pennsylvania. Whatever your preferred method, we hope you enjoy!


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Good Luck at the blackjack tables.