blackjack online About us is a free Internet resource made available to all. Here is my story and how this site was started.

About us

Hello dear reader and thank you for browing my site Wow I am glad you made it to the 'about us' page. Rather it is about me as I run this website myself, but about us is the generic name for such a page so I used it.

So my name is Henry and I am just a regular guy (accountant by profession), but my hobby is blackjack since I made a trip to Las Vegas in 2003. To be honest I prefer games of strategy to games of pure luck like the roulette, indeed I was pretty good at chess. So of all casino games the one I really like is blackjack as there is a strategy to it if you want to play this way.

At the beginning I only played at casinos (rarely) or with friends, as my friends and myself started to have regular home games of blackjack from 2004 on. These are the guys who came with me visiting Las Vegas and we all learned how to play blackjack together. This trip was a bit like the movie 'The Hangover',...if you know what I mean, we had a great time in the Sin City.

So we started to organize these home games as there is no nearby casino where we live. One of us would be the dealer, and the others the players. We played regularly on Saturdays. But then I realized there were games of online blackjack easily available and since 2005 I have really enjoyed playing a lot of online blackjack at various online casinos.

The thing is I did not find a good resource on Internet black jack that I could trust to provide good blackjack articles, but more importantly recommendations for online casinos offering interesting blackjack games and tournaments. A lot of the information out there is outdated as online casinos tend to come and go a lot, and many webmasters do not update their websites on a regular basis. So I decided to create this site to gather the information I am gleaning over the years.

So I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you have a comment about the site, feel free to send me an email at sales at blackjackpam dot com, usually I respond in less than 24 hours.

By the way do not drink while gambling, this is a bad combination. Especially if you want to reduce the house edge, not increase it.

Good Luck at the blackjack tables.