blackjack online privacy policy is a free online resource made available to all players aver 21 years old. In case you have any concern about your information, here is our privacy policy.

Privacy policy

Our private policy is quite simple, as for the most part, we do not have access to your private infomation. So feel free to peruse the site and read any information about online blackjack you want, as we do not have your private data at all. is a website providing free information only about the card game of blackjack. We do not provide or run any free or real money blackjack games at all. Therefore we do not require you the reader to provide us any personal or financial information.

On the other hand we may make recommendations about online game operators and have links to their websites. We always conduct the deepest due diligence before adding any such site to our list of recommendations, and therefore you can rest assured that these websites are the most secure there is on the Internet. But it is your responsibility to read and understand their privacy policy and to determine if you agree with it or not.

Always beware of rogue operators and spammers that may put your private information at risk.

We hate these bad apples too, so we make our best effort to only present you with the cream of the cream of online gaming operators.

By the way do not drink while playing blackjack, this is a bad union. Especially if you want to decrease the house edge, not increase it.

Good Luck at the blackjack tables.