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Lawrence Revere is one of the first persons to become a professional blackjack player and to employ card counting techniques at the game of blackjack.

Lawrence Revere is best known as the author of the bestselling book 'Playing Blackjack as a Business'. Besides being a professional blackjack player, Revere also owned a casino and worked there as the pit-boss, basically managing the floormen and fixing discrepancy issues.

Born in Iowa, Revere started his career when he was 13 years old, dealing cards in a barber shop's back room. He then proceeded to earn a degree in mathematics at the University of Nebraska. Then in 1943, Revere's career hit the roof when he decided to become a professional blackjack player.

Lawrence, the blackjack player

He traveled to Las Vegas and started his career there. As he will turn out to be barred from all Nevada casinos later in his life, he used various names while playing but this was only a temporary reprieve from casino pit bosses. Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s he established his name as a true master of blackjack. The name Lawrence Revere would forever be associated with blackjack.

To share the information he amassed playing blackjack professionally, Revere wrote the book Playing Blackjack as a Business, which was published in 1966. This was in a classic text-book format containing all the essentials that one needs in order to become an expert at playing blackjack and winning at blackjack.

It was not copyrighted however, until 1969 when John Luckman persuaded him to protect his work. Luckman was the founder of the Gambler's Book Club and a fellow dealer as well.

Revere has a distinct writing style that focuses on teaching the reader. In his book he explains why Blackjack is the only game in which a player can gain a long-term edge by applying mathematical principles. He specifically emphasizes the need for discipline, practice and a lot of patience. He demonstrates the importance of using blackjack strategy when playing a hand and also what to expect from dealers and security staff in actual casinos.

Revere based some of his reference guide on Edward Thorp's work but his explanations were a lot simpler and easier to follow. The book included four different types of card-counting strategies that he developed with the help of Julian Braun. These were the Revere Point Count Strategy, the Revere Five-Count Strategy, the Revere Plus-Minus Strategy and the Ten-Count Strategy.

These methods were progressive techniques and were accurate, simple and direct to the point, all of which which made his training methods ideal for beginners. In the book, Lawrence Revere systematically explains each strategy, making it more understandable by showing colored charts of the steps. Even though playing conditions have changed over the years, many of these charts are still used by gamblers today.

In 1977, Revere was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. He later on passed away on April 23rd of the same year. In 2005, Lawrence Revere was recognized for his contributions in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He is a precursor from a long gone era before the invention of the Internet and online blackjack.


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