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The main difference between regular Blackjack and Elimination Blackjack is that in the latter, your main goal is to have more chips than the other players at your table. While players are essentially still trying to beat the dealer's hands, the main goal of the game remains: have more chips than the rest of the players. As such, the general strategy for Elimination Blackjack obviously differs from standard blackjack.

Game Duration

A game of Elimination Blackjack has a specified duration, depending on the rules of the particular tournament. Game duration is measured in either time or number of hands. Either way, a game of elimination blackjack normally takes 30 hands long-which may sometimes vary as there is no hard and fast rule as to how long each game should be.

Rounds, Elimination and Chips

Before the start of the tournament, players are given chips to use. Each player receives the same predetermined amount of chips, such as $50,000 or $100,000. This ensures that all the players begin at an equal footing. Once the game starts, players get eliminated from the tournament if they would either lose all their chips, or have less than the required minimum bet.

There will be several elimination hands as the game progresses. In these hands, usually around hands number 8, 16, and 25, the player with the least number of chips gets eliminated from the game. During elimination hands, the player with the smallest number of chips will always get removed regardless of whether another player has just been eliminated during the previous hand.

As the rules of these online blackjack tournaments may vary, some tournaments may apply a time limit per hand. The time limit may vary from tournament to tournament. Some games may even impose different limits on elimination and non-elimination rounds.

As is usually the case, Elimination Blackjack tournaments involve several tables. Thus after 30 hands (or when the maximum number of hands or the time limit is reached), the player with the most chips is declared the winner for that particular table. The rest of the players are eliminated notwithstanding the amount of chips they still have. The winner then advances to the next table where winners of previous games will play another round of 30 hands. The setup continues until only a single table is left.

Once the 30 hands are played for the final table, the player with the most number of chips is declared the tournament champion.

The World Series of Blackjack is the most prestigious elimination blackjack tournament. Owned by the television channel GSN, it is a tournament by invitation or satellite entries only. Another famous blackjack show is 'Celebrity Blackjack', also hosted by GSN.


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