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Stanford Wong is one of the first persons to have applied a scientific approach to card counting at the game of blackjack.

Stanford Wong was born in 1943, and his birth name was John Ferguson. Later the name was changed to Stanford Wong while he was a student at Stanford University and this is how he is known nowadays. However, the name changed but the passion for games did not change with it. He learned the rule of tic-tack-toe when he was just six years old. His friends were playing games with him and among them Stanford figuring out the game very well.

Stanford started to develop a keen interest in the game of blackjack as early as twelve years old. By using an office calculating machine, the young Wong figured out the calculations of how the game operated and how the odds came about. As he was fond of reading books, he read a number of books on the subject and ended up mastering the secret art of card counting. When he was 21 years old, he started practicing card counting on a regular basis.

Stanford Wong the blackjack player

In 1964, he began gambling as a professional. While gambling at night, he was also continuing his undergraduate degree at Stanford University and teaching at San Francisco State University. Stanford Wong did not stop his education there as he went all the way to the Ph.D. degree in Statistics from Stanford University, the perfect major to study chance and games of cards.

The game of Blackjack traditionally used one single deck of cards, but with the passage of time casinos realized that some wise players could predict the outcome of the deck and they made things harder for card counters. They introduced blackjack games with a shoe consisting of four decks instead of one single deck, so that it would be harder to count cards and the chance of a large imbalance in the deck was reduced.

As a result, the calculations that Wong had made as a young man did not work any more. Therefore in order to be react to this new situation, he had to employ more complicated statistics that could handle the accrued complexities. This way he made himself ready for the tougher competition from the casinos.

In 1975, he developed a methodology for four-deck blackjack games and wrote his first gambling book named Professional Blackjack. The book was popular and became the reference title for the game of blackjack. This was Wong's first book followed by many other casino games books, including bestsellers like 'Winning without Counting', 'Professional Video Poker', 'Blackjack Secrets' and 'Wong on Dice'.

Stanford was not only a writer but he also started a sport gambling blackjack website with a newsletter specialized in various blackjack games in casinos. The site relates to games played in United States and other countries all around the world.

Stanford Wong is a challenger in nature, and nowadays he takes less interest in earning money from blackjack variations, but he likes to face new challenges instead. You need to go to the casino at four in the morning because the table is empty, and you can make more money, and you need a high level of motivation for that.


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