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What is Blackjack doubling down and when should you do it?

To double is one of these nice options in blackjack that makes the game interesting. Doubling down if you choose it means that you only get one more card, but you also double the size of the bet.

Doubling down is a powerful weapon in blackjack as you can double your bet in the middle of the hand at times when you are the favorite.

For example imagine that you have eleven (one of the best scores) and the dealer has a six (the worse number for the dealer). Then you know that you are in an excellent situation as the favorite for the hand. How nice would it be to be able to double your bet? And you can, the only cost is that you only get one additional card.

Doubling down strategy

Note that you must double down when the conditions are right, otherwise you are effectively adding to the house edge. As everything related to blackjack, statisticians have already done all the analysis to determine when to double down and when not to double down.

The simplest rule in the basic strategy for doubling down goes as follows:

Double down with a hard 9,10 or 11. Double down with a soft 13 through 18. Do not split a pair of fives.

A common mistake is to double down for any hard 12 or above. If you have a chance of busting on one card, it is a very bad idea to double the bet. Regarding a soft 12, this is the only soft above 11 that you do not double down, as you should split your pairs of aces.

Failing to double down on soft 13 through 18 is another frequent mistake. Even though a soft 17 looks like a good hand to stand on, it is even better to double down with it.

It is fundamental to follow these rules. Otherwise you are adding to the casino's edge.

Remember these basic rules to doubling down optimally. Visit one of the best online casinos for blackjack and practice what you just learned about doubling down.



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Good Luck at the blackjack tables.