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Why are blackjack online games so popular?

Blackjack is an online casino game that you are sure to find in almost every online casino on the internet and there are several reasons for this. Blackjack is a game that has enjoyed a great level of popularity in casinos all across the world, both land based and online ever since the game was invented and was taken on the internet. It is reputed to be a must-have game by online gambling institutions and no online casino worth its salt would ever open without at least one blackjack game among its offerings.

Blackjack Has a 3 to 2 Payout - This is one of the most important factors that worked in favour for the game of blackjack and helped to make it popular in online casinos. Since players can win if they get a hand worth 21 and also if they should get a higher hand than the dealer, they get two opportunities to win and only one chance of losing.

Blackjack Has Simple Rules - Unlike many other table and card games, blackjack is a very simple and easy to understand game and does not have an elaborate betting structure or rule set up. All that a player has to do is beat the dealer's hand. As a result, online casino players can sit down to a game of blackjack with just one practice session.

In Blackjack You Do Not Need Multiple Players - Blackjack is a game that does not require other participants, although there are online casinos that offer blackjack games like that. You can play blackjack against the system or the dealer and need not worry about bluffing or hiding your cards from anyone else.

Can Easily Win, If You Count Cards Discreetly - There is a very simple and easy blackjack strategy to winning at this card game and it involves counting cards and making accurate deductions. Although land based casinos ban players who count cards at the blackjack table or send away players they suspect of counting cards, online casino blackjack players will run into no such problems. Players who learn how to count cards can easily win by playing blackjack online.

Media Has Added To Its Popularity - Blackjack is a popular and easy game by itself but after a few blockbuster movies based on blackjack rolled out, the world sat back and took notice of blackjack. Movies like "Rainman" that featured Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise showed how to win at blackjack a lot of money by card counting. The more recent "21" is yet mother movie that brought blackjack in the spotlight as it was based on a real life card counting team at MIT that won millions of dollars playing blackjack.

Blackjack Games Are Short - Online casino players who are looking to play a few table games but who do not have hours to spend, usually end up going to the blackjack tables. This is because these games are short and finish within 5 to ten minutes and sometimes less. Even the blackjack tournaments only go on for as long as 20 hands.


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